• Certified Law Enforcement Officer
  • Certified CPR/AED
  • Working towards NASM Certification


Fitness started for me at a young age. I loved being outside, running and playing sports.  Football became a passion for me at that time and it actually propelled me into my fitness journey.

Having the opportunity to play highschool, college and then semi-pro football brought me great joy and quite honestly made it easy for me to eat whatever at any time of the hour I wanted.  I knew that I would burn it quickly based on my activity regiment.  Later, when I enrolled in the Law Enforcement Academy and graduated, I continued in that same pattern of eating and exercising.
As I got older and further away from competitive athletics, I found that my habits had to change as I started to balloon up in weight.  I was fortunate enough to join JBO fitness in 2014 and it helped me to get back on track.
The coaching provided by Coach Johnny and Raquel, in their commitment to change peoples lives in fitness, mentality and spiritual health while building a gym family atmosphere; is what inspired me to get into coaching.
Favorite Superhero:  Has always been Spiderman – I love that the scrawny kid gets the opportunity to become a hero, while maintaining a humble alter ego and “looking out for the little guy.”

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