1-on-1 Wellness Coaching

Lose weight, feel energetic and regain health

Being a busy mom of three and a business owner for almost 10 years, Coach Raquel know what it feels like to put herself in the backburner and take care of everything else first.

She got to a point where she was tired of leaving herself for last, so together with Coach Johnny, they created a proven system that has helped hundreds of others lose weight, feel energetic and regain their health again – even with time constraints, a busy schedule and a full house.

This includes 3 Phases to get started:

– A Strategy Session:
This is where we get together to review your goals, habits, stress level, and schedule. Then we will come up with a game plan.

– A Wellness Consultation
This is when we take your game plan and start coming up with your daily and weekly steps.

– Level Up Execution
This is when we start executing your plan using our 3-Part System: Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability.

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