“Over the past 30 yrs, I have attended many fitness classes and in the past I have even hired a personal trainer, but Johnny’s weight training class has got to be the most intense, all encompassing hour of exercise in which I have ever participated!  The class is a perfect blend of cardio, plyometrics, weight training, and core strengthening!  Johnny’s upbeat personality has a way of pushing me past my comfort limits, but always keeping safety and avoiding injuries first and foremost.  I can honestly say no form of exercise in the past 30 years has motivated me to dig deeper and push myself like I doing his class!”

Sandra Pilatzke

“My wife and I have been attending Johnny’s evening weight training class on a fairly regular basis for the past several months. We both find it to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience, which is brought about by the enthusiasm and encouragement injected by him. As a fitness instructor he is first rate, he knows his subject, he has the ability to motivate individuals to achieve their maximum capabilities. His supervision and attention is terrific and with his personality and sense of humor it is not surprising that the class is so popular and well attended. We wish him well.”

Michael & Johanna English

This Challenge has meant more to me than just losing weight. There have been a lot of habits that I had created in my life that were not to my benefit.

Over a year ago I started praying to God that I need to take care of my temple/body.  I confessed my sin ( I was a smoker for more than 18 yrs. Shocking isn’t it! I have been smoke free since January 1st 2011). However, what happened after I stopped smoking in and of itself was truly a test…. tremendous weight gain! 

Last year my Pastor, Pastor Greg did a fitness  series talking about how we care for our temple spiritually and physically. The series was a confirmation to my prayer  and that is what led me to Coach Johnny and the JBO family. 

My truth! I started at Jbo last year July and my initial reaction felt fear because I thought myself not strong enough to survive. As I continued to push I made progress but I found it harder to stay motivated to get up and get in the gym. 

Then something happened: my car stopped working for a while. We use the phrase what the enemy meant for evil God will turn around for good. During that period of being out I felt  out of my element as I Iooked at the group pics. that would pop up on Facebook.      
I prayed for a Summer Challenge and to my surprise, when I came back to the gym in March others were asking Coach for a summer challenge! And he said Yes!

Being that this is my 1st Challenge, it has helped me break my bad eatings habits, now I monitor  my food intake. I am eating three meals a day, balancing out my meals; ensuring they have proper nutrients. It has helped me with the will to say no to un-healthy habits ( still in progress). This challenge is also helping me to move from the point of ‘Motivation to Self-discipline’. I realize when we lose motivation we do give up… but with the development of disciples  we become consistent.

Thank you to all the Challengers this summer! The support, love and push you all have provided to everyone is truly amazing.. I believe this JBO Summer Challenge is more than just the numbers on the scale. Thank you Coach Johnny and  Rachel for helping us make additional steps in a healthy direction… #itdoesnotstophere!

Nicole Reid

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